The Rockefeller Group (RGI), one of the world’s finest real estate companies, enjoys international recognition as a leader in real estate development. Throughout its history the company has built for other ownership as well as its own portfolio. More than 80 years ago the company developed one of the most famous urban mixed-use centers in the world – Rockefeller Center, a business address known throughout the world. This rich history has provided RGI with experience unmatched in the real estate industry. RGI’s diverse development activities include:

Rockefeller Property Types:
Corporate Headquarters
Warehouse / Distribution Facilities
Mixed-Use Complexes
Foreign Trade Zones
Suburban Business Parks

The Rockefeller Group has superior and extensive experience developing major build-to-suit projects which is validated by an impeccable track record, financial stability, and a commitment to sustainability, timely de­livery, and balanced budgets. Services include master planning, obtaining approvals, constructing buildings and providing first-class management. Since 1928, The Rockefeller Group has been planning, negotiating, and implementing the business and financial strategies for major office and industrial properties. The firm also has extensive experience obtaining entitlements for large-scale development projects nationwide and has provided development services to a distinctive roster of multi-national corporations including: AT&T, BASF Corporation, BMW of America, Calvin Klein Cosmetics Company, Crate and Barrel, Delta, Federal Express, Lehman Brothers, Lucent Technologies, Morgan Stanley, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Pearson Education, Seiko Corpora­tion, Wells Fargo Corporation, U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs, TBC Corporation; and most recently, General Mills and Goya Foods and Gerber Childrenswear.

Over the past ten years, The Rockefeller Group has successfully acquired, entitled, and constructed over more than 10 million square feet of office, retail, hotel, and industrial space in an increasingly difficult and ever-changing regulatory environment. These facilities demonstrate examples of close client and developer collaboration to create efficient and productive facilities where the building is planned from the inside out.

The Rockefeller Group Foreign Trade Zone Services division of RGI specializes in assisting large international companies with the cross border movement of goods, including cost-savings and compliance strategies.

The Rockefeller Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tokyo-headquartered Mitsubishi Estate Corporation, which is among the largest publically traded real estate devel­opment and property-owning companies in the world.

In its earliest days, The Rockefeller Group was known as the Metropolitan Square Corporation and was responsible for the development of Rockefeller Center’s original 14 buildings. Erected from 1931 to 1940, at a cost of $100 million, these office structures represented 6 million square feet of rentable space covering some 12 acres of land in the heart of midtown Manhattan. It was one of the largest projects ever undertaken by private enterprise requiring the demolition of 228 buildings and employing nearly 75,000 workers. Throughout its history, The Rockefeller Group has been responsible for the completion of some of the most successful commercial developments in the United States.

In 1989, The Rockefeller Group further strengthened its role in commercial real estate when it joined with Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd, one of the world’s largest real estate companies. Mitsubishi Estate Co. Ltd. is a leading international owner and developer of first class commercial and residential real estate. As a result of a series of stock purchase options, Mitsubishi Estate today holds a 100 percent stake in the company. Throughout the 1990’s The Rockefeller Group focused on its development business in New York and New Jersey, and in the new century expanded to developing in Florida, California, Arizona, and other regions throughout the country. Development activity in 2002 numbered 11 projects in 4 states, totaling approximately $600 million. By the end of 2006, there were 26 projects in 8 states, totaling more than $2 billion. By the spring of 2008, the company had a $4 billion development pipeline. Holding firm to the solid principals and high standards that have defined the company since its formation, The Rockefeller Group is well poised to venture further into new business successes in the years and decades to come.

The Rockefeller Group’s development subsidiary, Rockefeller Group Development Corporation, was created to leverage the wealth of experience, vision, and skill that made Rockefeller Center the most valuable real estate in the heart of Manhattan as well as the model for similar “lifestyle” and “destination” developments into the 21st century. Today, The Rockefeller Group embodies the same traditions of integrity, determination and pride that made Rockefeller Center and all of the company’s subsequent real estate achievements memorable.